Since 1987, Sensations Magazine has published writers from six continents, and from 43 states.

We clearly have been "a great beginning" for many, a "stepping stone to even greater achievement" for many more, and "a lasting supportive community in the long-term," for those who have chosen to stay with us for the duration.  In fact, over 50% of our published writers have gone on to book publication by established presses after publication of their poetry or fiction in Sensations Magazine.  Others have gone on to self-publish chapbooks and poetry collections.  We equally respect and welcome them all.
As a publisher for what we call "working poets" - those who welcome thematic prompts, who write frequently to annually, and who are active in the poetry scene in one fashion or another - I prefer to set aside our limited printed page space for those who are anywhere from new, to up-and-coming, to well-respected for their poetry and books among their peers and fellow poets.  I have not published any of the Poet Laureates.  Among poets of greater national name recognition, Patricia Smith and Pushcart Prize winner Glenna Holloway are among those who have had their poetry grace our pages in the past.
One of my long-term goals for Sensations Magazine is to publish one poet from Washington, D.C., and one poet from each of the following seven "missing states":

- Alaska
- Iowa
- Montana
- Nebraska
- North Dakota
- Oregon
- South Dakota 
If you reside in D.C. or in one of these seven states, I strongly encourage you to submit poetry to our 2020 Best Newcomer Contest, whose four thematic subthemes explore global warming.