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David Messineo set a clear goal for his poetry early on:  to have all his chosen creative works published, in formats pleasing to him, within his lifetime.  His poetry has been published in literary magazines on four continents, and in several critically-acclaimed anthologies.  He is on track to have 16 books of his work published across six decades, with the last book coming in the year 2040.

David is the first New Jersey poet in the 21st century to be featured in venues in all 21 New Jersey counties.  He also has been a featured poet in venues in all 50 states, and on six of the seven continents.  [He shared his poetry with audiences in 48 of the 50 states before turning 40, and read in the last two states (Nevada and Alaska) in 2013 at the age of 50.  He read his poetry in North America, South America (Brazil - 2005), Europe (England - 2012), Asia (Thailand - 2013), Australia (2013), and Africa (South Africa - 2014).]  Finally, in January 2017, Fiction Editor Marilyn Hartl read one of Messineo's poems on the Antarctic continent, completing his goal of having his poetry read on all seven continents.  Video clips of many of these poetry performances are up on his YouTube channel, "David Messineo," where you can subscribe for free.

Additional details on Messineo's books and promotional book tours are provided below.


As of 2020, David Messineo is the author of nine published poetry collections:

  • First Impressions (2002, chapbook)
  • Suburban Gothic (1999, softcover book)
  • A Taste of Italy (1994, chapbook w/full color photography inside & out)
  • A Taste of Brazil (2005, chapbook w/full color photograph inside & out)
  • Restoration (2002, hardcover book)
  • Formal (2006, hardcover book)
  • The Search for the Sapphire Robe (2012, chapbook w/full color photography inside & out)
  • Historiopticon (2013, book available in softcover & hardcover)
  • Twenty Minutes of Calm (2019, softcover book, published by The Poet's Press)
Between 2020 and 2022, David anticipates the publication of four more books:
  • Childhood (2020, chapbook or softcover book, poetry of memory)
  • Flashes (Summer 2020, softcover book, novella, forthcoming from Red Dashboard Publishing)
  • Trailblazer (2021, softcover book, 2-page narrative poems on 20 people from history)
  • Golden (2022, softcover or hardcover book, celebrating 50 years of poetry writing)
And from the late 2020s to 2040, David anticipates the publication of four final books, with these tentative titles:
  • Around Half the World in 1800 Days (2020s, travel-themed poetry, color e-book)
  • All The Love That Never Happened (2030s, poetry)
  • Tales Untold, Until Now (2030s, lone short story collection)
  • Final Bow (2040, final poetry collection)

As time progresses, there also may be an expanded edition of his 310-page book Historiopticon.


David takes both a creative and visual approach to his art of performance, by conducting poetry tours in distinct attire selected for each tour - an approach seen frequently by musicians, rarely by performing poets.  He reads both off the page and from memory.  The smallest audience he performed for was one, at a reading at Borders Books & Music in East Brunswick, New Jersey.  ("The show must go on.")  The largest audience he performed for was approximately 2,000, when he had the opportunity to read on the main stage at the 2000 Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, Washington.

On Saturday August 24, 2019, 7pm, David launched a "20 Minutes of Calm Tour" - his ninth tour, to promote his ninth book: a collection of nature poems.  His intent is to offer one feature reading per month, from the August 2019 launch to December 2020, in venues in New Jersey, New York, and possibly additional states.  This will be his first book tour in five years.  Tour dates and locations will be listed under the "Creative Events Series" button on this website.  Venues will be open to the general public, and open mic reading opportunities often will follow his feature set.

In 2020, he anticipates "one night only" debuts of Childhood and Flashes.

In 2021, he anticipates a 4-6 reading promotional tour for Trailblazer.

And in 2022, David will (legitimately) bring a "Golden Anniversary Tour" to New Jersey, celebrating 50 years of poetry writing - when he is 59 years old. 

Going back in time, David held nine distinct poetry tours to promote his earlier books:

  • A Taste of Italy Tour (1994-1997, in attire on back cover of book)
  • The Suburban Gothic Tour (1999, in attire on back cover of book)
  • The Suburban Gothic/Coney Island National Tour (2000-2002)
  • The Restoration Tour (2002, dressed entirely in white)
  • A Taste of Brazil Tour (2006, dressed in clothing purchased in Brazil)
  • The Formal Tour (2006, dressed in black tuxedo)
  • The Informal Tour for Formal (2007-2008, dressed in casual attire)
  • The Historiopticon Tour (2013-2014 - dressed in futuristic black attire in first part of tour, then in historical attire evoking the 1800s for the second part of the tour)
  • The 20 Minutes of Calm Tour (2019-2020, dressed in green linen shirt and beige pants)

Again, video clips from many of these tours may be viewed on his YouTube channel, "David Messineo."  (Note that this channel also features many weightlifting videos, another passion of his.)  When visiting his YouTube channel, be sure to subscribe for free, as more videos are being added regularly.