"Do not go where the path will lead.  Go instead where there

is no path, and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

BLAZES A TRAIL, 1987-2011

1987 - Sensations Magazine Issue 1 published, as part of the "desktop publishing revolution," and distributed on all 7 continents

1990 - Sensations Magazine Issue 3 is first literary magazine with a hologram on its front cover 

1990 - Sensations Magazine Issue 4 launches the "Rediscovering America in Poetry Research Series" (the first multicultural collection of poetry written between 1565-1700 in what is now the continental United States), serialized in 10 issues from 1990-1999 

1994-1996 - Sensations Magazine is a rare three-consecutive-year winner in the national American Literary Magazine Awards, including First Place Awards in 1994 and 1996

2009 - David Messineo honored with a NJ State Jefferson Award for Public Service

2011 - David Messineo honored with Dwyer Award for Journalism in New Jersey History 




Sensations Magazine (ISSN 1053-9115) seeks to publish new poets who offer top-notch poems for our consideration; to build ongoing and mutually supportive editor-writer relationships across decades; and to provide community to poets in this often-solitary field, who are eager to rise to the challenges of writing new poetry based on themes we provide.  There is no guarantee of publication in our pages, whether you enter a contest or take a subscription; we are not a vanity press.

Sensations Magazine publishes poetry; history research; pull quotations; and bios.  There is no paid advertising in our pages.  

Sensations Magazine is, always has been, and always will be a print publication.  We love print.  We prefer reading from a document in hand than adding yet another thing in your lives to read from a computer or cellphone screen.  If you love print as we do, you have come to the right place.

The 2020s Sensations Magazine Supplement Series is printed on 11x17" paper, folded in half, and center-stapled - making our final print product full 8-1/2 x 11 magazine size. We use lightly-glossed paper, and offer a full-color (or high-quality black and white) front and back cover.  Names of poets published in each Supplement are listed on the back cover.

Poems are published on pages in triple-column format.  This means that when poets submit poetry, there are restrictions both in number of lines and number of characters per line, which must be followed to ensure best aesthetic presentation of works that are selected for publication.

In 2020, Sensations Magazine will publish Supplement 10, "Global Warming." In 2021, Sensations Magazine will publish Supplement 11, "Decade of Dichotomy, 2011-2020." Poets who have never been published in our pages before are invited to take part in our 2020 Best Newcomer Contest and submit to Supplement 10.  Click the Contest button above for full details.  The postmark deadline is Monday June 29, 2020.

Poets who have at any point been published in our pages, and who have not heard from me directly thus far, should use the Contact button above to contact me for the 2020-2021 two year-two item subscription and poetry submission details.



Sensations Magazine is an independently-operated, non-grant-funded, non-university-affiliated print publication that has - under the leadership and guidance of Founder and  Publisher/Poetry Editor David Messineo - published fiction, poetry, and footnoted research articles on American poetry and history, and won multiple national awards for its efforts. 

Sensations Magazine has stayed in 8-1/2 x 11" print magazine format since its founding in 1987, and is one of fewer than 350 literary magazines active in or before 1987 that are still published in America.

In 2020, David Messineo is among the 20 longest-serving literary magazine publishers and poetry editors still active in America.

In 2020, the Sensations Magazine Creative Events Series is among the 25 longest-operating poetry reading and cultural events series still active in America.

Welcome to Sensations Magazine, and our world of creativity, class, community, positive energy, poet support, perseverance - and endurance.

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